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  • Antecursor | Inspección y desbroce autónomos para plantas fotovoltaico

    ANTECURSOR II The world's first autonomous sustainable management robot Developed to address specific risks Know more... ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE BASED ON NATURAL INTELLIGENCE AUTONOMOUS SURVEILLANCE OF PHOTOVOLTAIC INFRASTRUCTURE Regular analysis and continuous, anomaly detection, automatic reporting. EFFICIENT MOWERING RESPECTFUL WITH THE SOIL AND THE ATMOSPHERE Permanent green mowering, increase in ground cover species, dust control, mulching effect and increase in luminosity. Discover what we bring REALLY AUTONOMOUS Operates without the presence of a technician. ​​ It operates anywhere in the world, no matter how isolated it may be. Monitored by satellite. Do not limit inspection hours due to lack of technicians. A storm? Flocks of birds? Inspect your farm. Also mowering at night. ​ DOES NOT EMIT SMOKE OR POLLUTION It works with renewable electrical energy from the solar plant. ​ Without combustion engines, fuels or oils. No spills on the ground or greenhouse gas emissions. No hot elements that can cause fires. Very quiet operation. ​ IMPROVEMENT OF PLANT COVER Aerospace design mower. ​ ​ Control of highly combustible tumbleweeds. It improve the green cover that reduces dust and increases light reflection in the bifacial panels. Maintains the fixation of CO2 in the soil and its biodiversity thanks to its mulching effect. Take it easy, Antecursor, take care of your farm Based on technologies patented by Arbórea Intellbird Know more... C/Duero 12, Laboratory 3.4 CIALE 37185 Villamayor (Salamanca) SPAIN +34 923 33 77 53

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